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We're a small but mighty team.
We’re a group of eleven, scattered across roles and industries. We believe in access, equity, and giving a damn.

What we're doing

We’re providing a short-term professional development opportunity for underrepresented, early career professionals in tech. Over the course of 11 weeks, our fellows will work with mentors to design and build a digital product solution that addresses an issue related to the health, social, and economic consequences caused by COVID-19.

Why we’re doing this

COVID-19 is, by and large, defining our experiences in 2020 — from how we interact with others to the ways we navigate economic and political systems. Within that, we are observing many tech companies struggle to weather the financial impact of COVID-19, which has subsequently resulted in the rescindment of many product development internships.

Given that internship experiences enhance employability, it’s imperative we continue to extend career pathways by supporting early career professionals, especially those who remain underserved and overlooked. To do so, we’re developing a fellowship for those who’ve had their internships rescinded.

Our team

Pou Dimitrijevich
Kimiko Goeller
Cory Weaver
Rahul Doraiswami
Siddharth Ramakrishnan
Jihern Baek
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